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Down the east
Ethnic Rajasthani Potli Bag Potli
Ethnic Rajasthani Potli Bag INR 275.00 INR 750.00
Egyptian Potli Bag Potli
Egyptian Potli Bag INR 275.00 INR 750.00
Rajisthani Radha-Krishna Potli Bag Potli
Rajisthani Radha-Krishna Potli Bag INR 275.00 INR 750.00
OUT OF STOCK Warli Potli Bag Potli Warli Potli Bag INR 275.00 INR 750.00
OUT OF STOCK Rajasthani Floral Potli Bag Potli Rajasthani Floral Potli Bag INR 275.00 INR 750.00
OUT OF STOCK Radha Krishna Potli Bag Potli Radha Krishna Potli Bag INR 275.00 INR 750.00

Potli Bags

Potli bags are the fanciest additions to the list of handbags. Perfect to be carried along during all seasons with all the attires, these potli bags enable you to enjoy a happening day out in style. These Rajasthani Potli Bags are great to pack essential items that are a must to be carried along at all times.

These extremely stylish Rajasthani Floral Potli bags are perfect to be carried along on a trip to deserts and head off to the beach or the country. These floral art bags mingle in any upbeat or traditional set up making the environment shine with bright colours, with perfect prints to match with almost any outfit. With these bags, a summer dress will have more warmth whereas winter attire can look soothing. At Bang Price, all the bags are design in a way to compliment a range of traditional garments that will put on show the heritage idea of the Rajasthani floral art.

Rajasthani Potli Bags are framed in a classic style and have classy and delicate outlook. All these bags are just perfect to be bought and flaunted. Also, these bags are large and practical to wear, as well as carry favourite wallet, make up, book, even something to snack up on the way.

Not only these bags are amazing to look at but are extremely handy and easy to use. Also, these bags can be easily opened, closed and far more convenient to carry on your shoulder. The soft and supple touch makes these bags comfortable to be carried along. Also, these are adorned with golden leatherite fringes at the bottom and other bejewelled decoration to accentuate the overall look and glamour. Made using Satin Poly Silk Tafta, these bags are available in varied price range to suit individual tastes and preferences.